Salutations Young Padawans…or Older Padawans!

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice… Hi my name is Justin Nahas, but you all can call me Mr. Nahas! I graduated with my B.A in Economics from the University of South Florida.

Why learn to become financially literate? So you aren’t financially illiterate silly…bad-um tss. In all seriousness though, financial literacy gives you the opportunity to manage and make smart personal finance choices and ultimately take control of your life.

I have always thought about personal finance as the key to financial Independence and living the life that you truly want but getting there takes hard work, discipline, dedication and a lot of other synonyms to the three previous adjectives.

I wanted to create this safe haven for anyone who wants to improve on their financial literacy. We spend many years in high school learning about the quadratic equation or that the powerhouse of a cell is the Mitochondria only to find out that the federal government is the powerhouse, and they take a little bit of our paycheck. It seems like we know how to solve for x, but we can’t explain why we haven’t paid off our debt in 10 years.

The topics I hope to cover are but not limited to:

Debt Management
Credit Scores
Credit Cards

I hope to introduce the topics in a fun and informative manner, so when you finish reading, you can be like “Geez whiz, Mr. Nahas, that was mind blowing.”

We live in a world where financial problems are the top source of stress for most people, which then causes us to degrade mentally, emotionally, and physically. To me, that doesn’t sound like a good time to me, quite the opposite in my opinion. We need to tackle this stress source head on by learning about personal finance and applying it to our everyday lives.

Some of the concepts may seem foreign to you. Don’t worry, I will try to introduce it to you as smooth as the cream cheese on your bagel. Don’t forget, it takes repetition and the will power not to give up on your journey! As long as you have the hunger to learn, you will be fine. Never give up!

We all have made and will make mistakes, but don’t get discouraged or upset with yourself because of it. We get better by learning from our past experience and fixing those mistakes for our future decisions. Picked a bad investment? Didn’t choose the right thing for lunch? Learn from it and then forget about it. Don’t be so hard on yourself when something like this happens homie. A famous poet once said “just keep swimming” – Dory

So I’ll quit yappin’ and we can get started on this journey!

*I did want to add a disclaimer that I by no means am a tax expert, financial adviser, debt collector, IRS agent, or some guru who traveled to far away lands to learn this stuff. I, as you, am still learning and will always try to learn as I am a student of life.

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