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Citi Double Cash Credit Card Review

Citi double cash card


Hello Friends, I hope all is well with you! I am going to be reviewing the Citi Double Cash Credit Card today. These opinions are my own, and I am in no way influenced by anyone.

Overall Verdict: The Citi Double Cash is a good rewards credit card. They offer you the opportunity to earn cash back when you buy and then again when you pay. This is a unique way to earn rewards, and It entices people to pay on time. One of the major downsides to this card is that it does not have a sign-up bonus. I personally don’t like to choose cards without some sort of bonus offer, but the 2% cash back is nice, especially since this is a no annual fee credit card. This is something you would have to take into consideration. If you are able to spend at least $1,000 in 90 days, it might be better to look at other cards but then again, this card does offer 2% cash back.

Some things about this card that I do like:

  1. No annual fee
  2. Generous reward amount of 2%
  3. Versatile rewards program

Some of the things that I don’t like:

  1. Foreign transaction fee
  2. No sign-up bonus

What type of reward are you getting?

The Citi Double Cash rewards credit card offers you an opportunity to earn cash back rewards when you make a purchase and when you pay the bill. It’s important to note that you must have a cash rewards balance of at least $25 or more to redeem your reward for either a statement credit, a check, or credit to a linked account. There is also the opportunity to convert your cash rewards balance to ThankYou Points; this is Citi’s loyalty program. You are able to use your points in a variety of ways like paying bills or loans with ThankYou Points, but only if you have loans with Citi. You can also able to credit the bank account that you pay the bills with. Additionally, you are able to use your points to book flights, cruises, hotels, and shop at different stores like Amazon and BestBuy.

Is there an annual fee?

The Citi Double Cash rewards card does not have an annual fee.

What is the rewards amount?

The Citi Double Cash rewards card offers a unique way to earn cash back. You earn 1% cash back on the dollar amount of the purchases posted to your account. You also earn 1% cash back on the eligible payments you make to your account. One thing to note is that you must make the minimum payment to be eligible for the 1% cash back when you pay. Additionally, you will not earn the 1% cash back when you pay if you’ve missed a payment or you are not current on the card. There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn.

Is there a bonus offer?

The Citi Double Cash rewards card does not have a bonus offer. This is one of the major dislikes I have about this card, and I hope they choose to offer one in the future.

Are there foreign transaction fees?

Unfortunately, there is a 3% foreign transaction fee on the amount of each purchase in U.S dollars. I am not a big fan of this fee, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. You must look at all the other benefits of the card and see if it’s worth it.

Are there any other benefits?

The Citi Double Cash rewards card does offer some extra benefits, but it’s not as extensive as other cards. They offer:

  1. $0 liability for unauthorized charges – you are not liable for any unauthorized purchase made on your card
  2. 24-hour fraud protection – you will get alerted if Citi sees any unusual activity
  3. Identity theft solutions – Citi will help you to resolve any identity theft issues
  4. The lost wallet service – your card will be replaced in a timely manner if the card is lost or stolen

For more information on their benefits, check out their benefits page.

What is the interest rate and are there any other fees?

This rewards card does not have a 0% APR introductory offer like other cards; the APR on this rewards credit card is between 13.99% and 23.99%, just depends on your credit score. This card, however, does offer a 0% APR for 18 months on balance transfers; this can be a good tool to use to cut down on debt if you have the credit score to be approved for the card. It’s important to note that there is still a balance transfer fee or either $5 or 3%, whichever is higher.

Their other fees include:

  1. Balance transfer fee – $5 or 3%, whichever is higher
  2. Cash advance fee – $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.
  3. Late payment fee – no fee for first late payment but up to $40 after that
  4. Return payment fee – up to $40

For more information on their fees, check out their fee schedule.

How is the customer service like?

You can contact the customer service representatives by either calling, sending in mail, visiting one of their locations, or chatting with them through a messaging system. I like that they offer different ways to contact them. It’s important to remember that everyone might have different experiences with their customer service.

Should you get the Citi Double Cash Card?

This card is a decent no annual fee credit card.

Who it’s perfect for:

  1. People who want a no annual fee card
  2. People who want to transfer balances from another card and pay 0% APR for 18 months
  3. People who want different ways to redeem their rewards
  4. People who want a 2% cash back card

Who it isn’t perfect for:

  1. People who want sign-up bonuses
  2. People who want more extra benefits
  3. People who travel abroad

If you are still unsure if a rewards credit card makes sense, check out my post on Why You Should Use Rewards Credit Cards.

Additionally, if this card isn’t right for you, I invite you to check out my credit cards page for more information on other cards.

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