Money Trees Actually Exist

Welcome back kids! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Today, we have an interesting topic – Money Trees. Yes, you read that correctly – Money Trees. We are all taught that there are no such things as money trees, and people who believe in it are full of it. What if I told you that money trees actually exist? Well, figuratively, not literally, but that’s beside the point…  The wealthy individuals in this world know that these types of things exist, and this is why they are able to reap the benefits of it. Mr. Nahas, what do you mean but figuratively and not literally a money tree? The money tree I’m talking about is Investing; this is your money tree, and I’ll explain how below. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Preparing to Plant the Tree

Before you are able to plant a regular tree, you have to know how to plant it and prepare to plant it. What I mean by this is you have to get mentally prepared to take care of the tree and then you have to know the theory, the process, and the steps to plant a tree. Planting a money tree (investing) is no different, you need to mentally prepare to take this journey because you need patience, positivity, mental will, and dedication. After this, you will then need to get as much information as you can on the type of money tree you want to plant (stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, etc.) by watching videos, readings books, reading blogs (hint hint, cough cough), and just any material you can get on the subject. It’s important to have a good grasp of the information on the tree you want to plant and know the ins and outs of it. The special thing about money trees is that you are able to mix and match. What I mean by this is that you are able to take seeds (money) from one type of money tree (i.e. stocks) and use it to plant (invest) in another type of money tree (i.e. real estate). You can then take the two seeds of the previous trees (investments) and plant (invest) it in another type of tree (investment). This is the beauty of it.

Gathering the Seeds

After you have thoroughly prepared to plant the money tree (invest), you need your initial seed (money). Obtaining your initial seed might be the hardest thing to do, but it is a necessary evil. I don’t care how you do this (make sure it is legal of course) but get your hands on the initial seed, and it will be easier to obtain the second and third. Having a day job is probably the most common way people get this seed, having a side hustle that provides you income will greatly help! If you have to sell rocks, garbage bags, lemonade, whatever you have to do, get your hands on your initial seed (money). Once you have your hands on the seed, the fun begins.

Picking the Tree

Once you have the necessary knowledge about planting trees, knowledge of different types of trees, and the initial seed, it’s time to pick the type of tree (investment) carefully. Whether it’s index funds, real estate, small business, etc. Whatever it is, you must make sure that you understand the risks associated with the tree and the benefits of the tree. Index funds are more passive but subject to the market while small businesses and real estate investments tend to be more hands on and requires more effort and depends on consumers. It all depends on how much work you want to put in to growing and maintaining your tree. No matter what, choose carefully and make sure you understand everything about it.

Digging the Hole

Once you have completed the previous three steps, it’s time to plant the tree…. kind of. Mr. Nahas, what do you mean by kind of? Well, I want to mention that you need to find the place you want to plant the tree. Essentially, “digging the hole” in other words, find the place to plant your money tree. What I mean by this is to find the actual investment. If you chose real estate as your money tree, you need to find the property. If you chose index funds, you need to choose the index fund you want to invest in. This is the time where you actually choose the specific investment and find all the details about it. For real estate investments, that means searching for properties, valuing them, walking through them, getting your team together (I will go over real estate specifically in another post), completing the closing process, and becoming a landlord (if applicable). For small businesses, what is your business about? What goods and services will you be providing? Is there a market for it? There are many more questions you will need to ask yourself, but the overall concept in this case is to get specific about where and how you will be “digging your hole” as this is one of the most important things. You can’t invest in real estate where no one will want to live, or you can’t open up a gas station where there are already so many around you.

Planting the Tree

 Now it’s time to plant your money tree! Whether it’s buying your first property and closing or successfully investing in index funds, you have officially planted the money tree. Actually, planting your first tree will be a rush of emotions from excitement to anxiety, it will be a rollercoaster ride but that’s okay! There will be ups and downs throughout the process, but you can handle it! When a problem arises, take a step back and evaluate the situation without emotions and find solutions. Ask yourself “how can this be solved effectively and efficiently” as well as “what is the best path to fix the problem at hand”. You should remember that for every problem, there is a solution.

Multiplying the Tree into Trees

This is probably when the real fun begins. Once you have one money tree, planting a second money tree will be easier because you can get seeds (money) from two sources now, the day job and your first money tree; this accelerates the time it takes you to get enough of seeds to plant the second. After the second, the third will be easier and the fourth will be easier than the third. Taking the seeds that you get from your previous money trees, you plant new money trees that bring you more seeds. It’s a cycle, and this is how you build a forest of money trees that constantly provides you will seed. Make sure you replant the seeds from the other money trees into new money trees and don’t eat the seeds (spend the money). Essentially, you are using the money that you get from your investments and reinvesting them into another money maker, whether it’s more money in index funds or more properties; the important part is that you reinvest them so you can grow more, don’t spend the money but rather put them into another investment that makes more money.

So hopefully I proved to you that money trees actually exist, kind of… This is an important part of personal finance and building wealth, something that the rich realized. Having multiple income streams and reinvesting profits from one investment into another investment that provides you more money is the key to building wealth. At some point, instead of growing at a linear rate, you grow exponentially. Just keep repeating the steps above and eventually, you will have a forest of money trees that constantly provide you with seeds. This will take so much pressure off you because you know that you are financially secure. Let’s say you only have one income stream and that’s it. If you lose that income, you will be stressed and struggling. The more income streams you have flowing, the more financially secure you are. If you have 8 streams of constant income and one goes out, you still have 7 left. I hope that I have provided you with valuable information kids. Take care and stay safe!

Peace Out,

Mr. Nahas

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  1. Mr. Nahas your articles are very helpful and informative. I cannot wait to read your future blogs.

    I would also like to thank you that you read and liked my blogs on Wonder. Thankyou once again.

  2. Mr. Nahas—
    I stopped by to thank you for liking a bunch of my posts and to welcome you to annieasksyou you. But your testimonials made my day, and I immediately decided you’re someone whose blog is one I want to get get to know better too. So now I’m pleased to be following you as well. Please tell your mom and dad they raised a witty son!

    1. I am looking forward to more content of yours! And thank you very much for the follow; I really do appreciate it. They already know how witty their son is hahaha 🙂

  3. Interesting to find this post today of all days – the day we planned to plant a new tree at church where we dug a hole for it yesterday. But today it’s raining too hard to successfully put the tree in the ground. Like your analogy of the money tree, timing is everything. What may have been a good investment yesterday may be rotten and over-saturated today. Have you spoken already on that subject of “perfect timing?”

    1. Hi JanBeek! I hope all is well with you today! You brought up a very good point about timing and over-saturated markets. I will definitely write a post about it since timing can play a huge role in wealth building. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read the post and providing me feedback; I always welcome feedback as it will help me gauge what my audience would like to hear. Take Care!

    1. Hi Alejandro, I hope all is well with you. I am grateful that you read this post. Don’t worry about the language barrier, i can make do! I really do appreciate you!

  4. To plant a real tree, is a good thing, and ti plant 2 trees, 3 trees and more, is a good thing, and to earn the seeds fpr new Trees, is very good. A d so the poor should be rich, but not the rich richer. There are Investment banks a.s.o.. What happens with our earth and the animals and plants and the human beeings, and the earth, the air, the water and the fruits? Nothing will become better, only You think that You will become richer. Butmin the end the earth is dying.

    1. It is not money that kills the earth, it’s greed and evil. Money is just paper, whether it is the dollar, the euro, the yen or whatever currency, its paper that the government says we could use to buy food, pay rent, etc. Money only amplifies who we truly are. If we are greedy, selfish, narcissistic, we will only become worse with money. On the other hand, if we are kind, generous, and thoughtful, money will amplify that. There are many people who do donate money or try to do good with it and then there are people who do the opposite. In a world where everyone has different opportunities, IQs, work ethic, skill levels, there will be gaps in wealth because some people work harder than the others or because theu were born with better opportunities. There are companies that are trying to do good by finding alternative energy sources and renewable energy, there are companies that create things out of trash, there are people in government or billionaires that are trying to tackle climate change. Elon Musk is trying to replace gas powered with electric vehicles, he created rocket ships that are more efficient in terms of cost and fuel usage, Bill Gates is trying to find vaccines for diseases that arent available. They wouldn’t be able to do these things without there money trees. Those people spent every waking minute and barely slept to plant their money trees. I believe that we need to stop global warming and make the world more environment friendly, we need to give better opportunities to under privileged communities, we need to provide health care for everyone but even if everyone was on the same playing field, there still be people who have a lot of seeds and people who dont. Some people dont want to risk planting a tree because they think it might get eaten before it grows or it might not grow or they dont have the patience while there are some people who dont mind the things I listed before.; they will take the risk.

      1. Thank You. But I think, when all the money gets only in few hands, the kollaps will come very soon. I like more, what Martin Luther said:” If I knew that tomorrow the end of the world ( the end of the time) would come, then today I would plant my apple-tree and pay my debts.”

      2. Those are powerful words indeed by Dr. King. The few hands that have the power are the ones who discovered that its possible to achieve wealth. They do not teach us about investing, expenses, taxes, loans, credit cards, etc. in school, so we come out of school saying we will never be wealthy and we hate on those who are. Im not saying that all wealthy people are good human beings because there many out there that are terrible humans and have done terrible things and may have gotten away with it because they are wealthy and powerful, which isnt right. We need to empower the people with the necessary knowledge to help them become wealthy or have a better opportunity to become wealthy and get their hands on the money. We need to make our society more equal somehow and I think by providing everyone with personal finance knowledge, it would greatly help the world.

      3. Maybe. Everyone has his opinion and may have ist. I only told what is my opinion. And everybod is free to have an own opinion. Or doen’t You think so?

      4. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should say it; I respect it and encourage it I respect your opinion and your beliefs. We both had different life experiences that shaped our thoughts and beliefs. You expressing your opinion provides value to me because it shows me your life experiences and your beliefs, so i am able to expand my horizon. With that being said, I do also have my own opinions based off my life experience that shaped my beliefs and thoughts. We both shared our opinion (me by the post and you by the comment) and in reality, both of our perspectives are neither right nor wrong. Ich glaube, dass wir von andere Leute lernen müssen (sorry for the german if it is incorrect, my knowledge of the language is fading, it has been a while since I learned a little in uni.

      5. Thank You very much for Your open and clear words. Yes, everybody has his own life-experiences and has to find out by himself his own way. Perhaps we have not to learn from another but to lern by life. And so everybody is free to choose and follow his own way and to form his own opinion. That is right, and one has to respect the opinion of the other person, But we are not obleaged to share it. We only have to go our own way.

  5. This was a very inspiring article for me, Half way down when you wrote about ‘multiple income streams’ i lit up and thought to myself, omg, that’s what i came up with myself a few months back that this is the way to go if one wishes to be successful or atleast financially secure. So your article made me realise that im one of those people who technically look outside the box, which only makes me feel more confident about myself.

    1. Hey Dawid! I am so glad to hear that you discovered the power of having multiple income streams; it truly is a powerful tool to help you become financially secure and being financially secure takes a whole lot of stress off you! Give yourself a pat on the back or treat yourself to a celebration because it is a start of a new life and attitude once you discover the “money trees” of life. I hope to keep providing useful information to you!

      1. Of course and I’d love to read more on this topic aswell as look forward to your upcoming articles, I find them interesting and thank you for your kind words. Give yourself a path on the back too !!

  6. Just to give you a chuckle I will tell you that, indeed, Money Trees DO exist. My Chinese daughter has one. She considers it good luck. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is interesting.

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    All your comments and feedback encourage (greatly), uplift and even inspire me to follow “this road less travelled”.

    I love my days “interacting with you’ guys and gals’ (and anything else in these PC * days-very)”

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  8. Good analogy and advice. As for actual trees, I planted a tiny tree at my poor mother’s home in Pennsylvania in 1959 and still like to drive by it when we visit that area; it is now a huge oak. Every student should be required to plant one tree in their community. As for myself, I found a combination of frugality and value worked to create our money tree.

    1. That’s beautiful to hear! I bet you smile every time you pass by knowing that it was you that planted that huge oak. It’s the small things in life that mean the most to us. It is a beautiful thing indeed. I agree with you, planting actual trees will not only make our earth more beautiful but it will teach students the value of life!

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