How Can All Lives Matter If Black Lives Don’t?

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Welcome Back Kids, I hope all is well with you today. In this post, I won’t be talking about a personal finance topic but instead I wanted to devote this post to what is happening with the protests. We live in a globalized environment where we can pick up the phone and call anyone from around the world within seconds, we can be in other countries in as little as a day depending on where you are from, and we live in a world where we coexist with people that are originally from a different part of the world than we are. I am trying to understand how someone can be racist and judge someone from the color of their skin; I really am trying to understand but there is absolutely no good reason for this. Racism should not exist period, end of story. Sadly, it’s all around us whether we want to realize this or not. How can people devalue a human life just because their skin color is darker than ours? How can people automatically come to the conclusion that someone is a “thug” just because the color of their skin? How can people think that another human life is less valuable than theirs simply because of the other HUMAN’s darker skin color? There are so many questions like this that pop into my head, and I can’t come to a reasonable motive as to WHY people are racist and hate Black Lives. People of Color are precious humans and, as such, deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and care; however, we live in a society that promotes none of these things. Our society today places a higher value on white lives than Black Lives in nearly every aspect of our system, and this is something that needs to stop; we need to ACTUALLY promote equality. We need to ACTUALLY give Black Lives the chance that a lot of other people get, we need to give them the same opportunities to be great as other kids get, we need to build them up instead of tear them down like most people do. We, as a world, can achieve so many great things if we all worked together and if all lives mattered but we can’t do this until all lives matter. I have a question for you all: how can all lives matter if Black Lives don’t? All lives won’t matter unless Black Lives start mattering, until Black Lives are treated equally as their white counterparts, until they can go in the store and not get dirty looks, and until law enforcement can stop treating them with more force than their white counterparts. People need to do better; we need to do better. I live in America where we are “promised” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and this is mostly true…but only for white people. Black Lives, on the other hand, are constantly being pursued by inequality, and they have people constantly trying to take away their life and liberty; this is not the “American Dream” people always rage about. Black Lives need equal opportunity for this “American Dream” and they need it now. This is what the protests are about; it’s about Black Lives being treated differently by different sectors such as police, doctors, government officials, coworkers, hospitality workers, restaurant workers, etc. George Floyd, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Arbery, Brianna Taylor, Kendrick Johnson, and many other Black Lives that didn’t make the news. The Black Lives listed above were robbed of the “American Dream” because people treated them differently at all levels of our system. There are white lives that shoot up schools, movie theatres, social events, and more and are treated better than Black Lives who didn’t do anything but breathe.

People need to realize that the “thug” they are judging might be either a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist, a musician, an artist, a business owner, a missionary preaching the word of God and Love, an individual that works for a good company, or an individual who is trying to become a better person and grow. The Black Life you see as a “thug” is most likely my friend. My Black Brothers and Sisters are in all of the fields above but besides that, they are some of the most kindhearted, funny, inspiring, hard-working, and intelligent individuals that I’ve ever met. They inspire me to do better and to be better and educate me when my knowledge falls short on some certain topics. If I introduce you to my friends, they will likely inspire you, motivate you, build you up, and at the end, make you laugh till your stomach hurts.

I wanted to add that I care about everyone regardless of color, ethnicity, gender preference, age, sexual preference. If you treat me with respect, I treat you with respect, regardless of the attributes I listed above.  I pray that we progress into becoming a more inclusive society regardless of the attributes I listed above; the world would be a better place.

Peace Out,

Mr. Nahas


37 thoughts on “How Can All Lives Matter If Black Lives Don’t?”

  1. The real thugs are our government and large corporations, they are the ones that say we do not tolerate racism but yet have not done a damn thing to bring equality to everyone’s lives
    Great post!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post; I am glad you thought it was good! I really do hope that we are able to resolve racism… it shouldn’t be even an issue…

      1. Racism has a very long history. Without hard work and massive social movement, it would be very difficult to eradicate racism. Great post Mr. Nahas !!!

      2. I agree, it’s going to take society as a whole to combat racism. We need to make sure that we fight for justice and equality so the future generations are able to live with justice and harmony!

  2. I firmly adhere to the principle in your last paragraph.

    Perhaps the blacks can begin by being men and being fathers to the children they bring into this world (the majority of blacks are raised without a father)

    Perhaps instead of dealing in drugs and glorifying gun violnce in their rap music blacks should concentrate on working on getting an education to better themselves (most blacks do not even have a high school diploma.

    Perhaps blacks should take advantage of the racist advantages given to them (how many jobs are offered to blacks because of their colour instead of their qualification at the expense of white folks who are more qualified).

    Perhaps instead of blaming whites for their problems blacks should face these problems and fix their own communities instead of blaming us white folks all the time.

    I have lived in black communities across this country and in China and see this pattern repeated over and over again.

    That is racist against white folks.

    Right is right even if the politically correct reject the truth. Wrong is wrong even if it offends the politically correct.

    1. Racist against white folks? White folks dont fear getting killed by police officers on a routine traffic stop or even ever. White folks dont get the cops called on them for being white. White folks stormed the Michigan capitol with assault rifles and nothing happened; the president cheered them on but yet when black peace protesters want justice, they are beaten, tear gassed, and shot? How is that justice, how is that okay? A black young child can get shot by playing with a toy gun but white school shooters with assault rifles are treated with respect and dignity. There are just as many white people dealing drugs, there are just as many white people promoting violence, there are just as many white people committing criminal offenses. There are white people that promote all of the things that you said and it might even be more. How come white school shooters are just “troubled teenagers” but black people who run stop signs or allegedly sell unlicensed cigarettes are “thugs” and deserved to be shot?

      To answer your question, I want to propose to you another question. How can black people become better men and better fathers to their children if they are constantly being hunted and killed for just being black? Do you think maybe they dont have diplomas because they are in underprivileged parts of society that nobody cares for because they black and “thugs” For you to assume this is racist against white people is ridiculous in all honestly and I dont condone this type of behavior on this blog.

  3. Great post. Thanks for following my blog. Since you do you’ll know I’ve dedicated my life to changing this world for the better. It’s my mission, and I’m completely dedicated to ending the power hungry ones that work to destroy humanity and this planet.

  4. What it boils down to is that there are plenty of people who prefer to build themselves up by tearing other people down. There are complex psychological issues with people who espouse bigotry of any type. It would be wonderful if we could simply convince them that all people are human beings. Unfortunately, the more such people hear or read compassionate sentiments, the more entrenched they become in their negative opinions. I would love to be able to wave a magic wand or conjure up a genie in order to cancel prejudice and hatred. We can live positive, empathetic lives. Maybe some of that will rub off.

  5. Reading a post like that makes me feel like my life matters! How can all lives matter if black lives don’t? What a title; what a question! You now have yourself a follower! 😀🙏💛👊🎉

    1. Of course you matter to me Darell! Always know that and never let anyone tell you otherwise! I am glad that you decided to follow my blog; I hope that the information here will be of use to you!

      1. I know I matter to you bro because it comes across that way in your blog post! It’s a shame I (in the generic sense) do not matter to “other” humans as you put it! They know who they are! It’s a pleasure to follow your blog bruv! I’m impressed with what I’ve seen of it so far! Keep up the excellent work you’re doing here bro! Blessings to you! 😀🙏💛👊🎉

      2. This means so much to me you have no idea. I started this blog with the idea of helping people gain more information about finance and other subjects I deem fit, which social justice is one of them. I am so happy that I had the pleasure to interact with a wonderful human as yourself, and I hope we continue to interact with each other. I wish you all the best and many blessings as well 😀

      3. Meeting enlightened brothers like yourself means so much to me and I am truly honoured to be following your blog and it would be an absolute pleasure to continue interacting with you! You’ve got me smiling bro! 😀😀😀💟💯👊

      1. All lives matter. Who said black lives don’t matter? Not me. Unless, of course, you can’t read.

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