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Our beliefs here are simple. We want to inform people about personal finance, so they are able to make smart financially sound decisions.


What People Say

Mr. NahasFinance changed my life! I actually feel like an adult after reading his posts. Thank you sir!


Wonderful job explaining the concepts in a simple and efficient manner. Bravo!


Recent Posts

  • A Walk Down Economics Lane
    Guess who’s back…back again…Mr. Nahas is back…tell a friend! I’m excited to back with today’s topic – Economics. I think understanding even a basic level of economics will really help you become more money conscious and help you understand what is happening around us. Economics is all around us whether we notice it or not,Continue reading “A Walk Down Economics Lane”
  • Index Funds
    Welcome back kids! I am so glad you made it back; this week we are going to be talking about the exciting world of index funds (insert oohs and ahhhs here). These are great options for passively investing in the stock market without having to worry in the long run. These investments only take aContinue reading “Index Funds”
  • Investing in Yourself
    Welcome back everyone! It’s your favorite person in the whole wide world – me!! Today, we are going to venture into the world of investing but not in the way you think though. Before we get into talking about real estate, stocks, and other forms of investing, we need to talk about the number oneContinue reading “Investing in Yourself”

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